School Staff 2022

Welcome to the 2022 school year! I trust that you have all enjoyed the break and look forward to hearing about the many adventures had by all. I know you have already received a lot of information from us and our directorate regarding details for a safe return to school this year.

Further to this, the information below will give you an idea of how students are supported by staff at Maribyrnong for the year ahead. Term overviews will be emailed out to families next week with more detailed information on learning programs and how you can support your child’s learning at home.

Please see below for our 2022 staff profile. If you wish to make contact with any staff member at Maribyrnong, please use the following email formula:

Our school staffing 2022:

  • Preschool Quokkas  – Taryn Cameron-Smith and Nicola Toms (M-W)
  • Preschool Echidnas  – Merrin Walsh and Kelly Perrett (M-W)
  • Preschool Dugongs – Taryn Cameron-Smith and Nicola Toms (W-F)
  • Preschool Pelicans – Amanda Ferris and Kelly Perrett (W-F)
  • Preschool Enrichment Program – Amanda Ferris/Merrin Walsh and Michelle Markezic/Jack Martin

  • Kindergarten AN – Alison Nilon
  • Kindergarten TM – Tanya Maybury
  • Kindergarten JB – Jacinta Bill
  • Kindergarten MD – Megan Durham

  • Year 1 LG – Liz Gocentas
  • Year 1 SP – Sarah Pringle
  • Year 1 PK – Peter Knights
  • Year 1 Support -Natalie Walker, Chloe Rafferty

  • Year 2 KT – Kacey Tait
  • Year 2 MA- Michelle Ashworth (Tu-Fri), Tegan Arnold (Mon)
  • Year 2 ES – Eliza Savage
  • Year 2 Support -Tegan Arnold, Sally Longworth, Sam Hawkins

  • Year 3 SN- Sarah Nockels
  • Year 3 EJ- Emma Jelbart (Mon-Thurs) and Rachelle Wilkinson (Fri)
  • Year 3 LH- Leanne Hoffman
  • Year 3 EW- Emma Wild
  • Year 4  JF- Jo Francis
  • Year 4 ES- Emma Snowden (Mon-Thurs) and Kathy French (Fri)
  • Year 4 HW- Henry Warre (Mon-Wed, Fri) and Kathy French (Thurs)
  • Year 4 Support - Karolyn Odlum and Dave Moller
  • Year 5 DM – Daniel Madden
  • Year 5 SD- Sarah Dorrough
  • Year 5 Support - Rebecca Kirpson-Colley and Justine Minchin

  • Year 6 KD- Katie Duncan
  • Year 6 NS- Nicole Smith
  • Year 6 GP- Mia Grant (Wed-Fri) and Jasmine Paunovic (Mon-Tues)
  • Year 6 Support- Rebecca Kirpson-Colley

  • LSU – Lalangi Abhayapala and Jacque Mengel
  • LSUA – Fiona McEwan and Nick Neeson
  • Literacy and EAL/D – Lisa Riepon, Rachelle Wilkinson
  • Science – Nicole Somerville-McAlester
  • Digital Technologies – Emily van Galen
  • French – Lynette Lisacek
  • Music – Rowena King
  • Junior PE – Ingrid Schryver/Jodi Lieschke
  • Senior PE- Jasmine Paunovic
  • Deputy Principal – Anna Thorpe (5-6, LSU, LSUA)
  • Executive Teachers – Niomi Ceely (P-1), Matthew Veitch (2-4)
  • Defence School Mentor (DSM) – Jacqueline Sampson
  • Library Administration -Leeanne Walls
  • Business Manager- Leanne Rankine
  • Office Administration- Penny Doblinger, Emily Southwell, Cait Amosa

We welcome back our preschool children from the Quokka and Echidna groups as well as all our kindergarten students on Monday 31 January. Due to COVID restrictions, we ask that a maximum of two parent/carers enter the school grounds with their child for drop off (preschool and kinder only). Please observe social distancing, remain outdoors and we ask that all visitors stay onsite for a maximum of 15 minutes.

We welcome back our years 1 to 6 students on Tuesday 1 February; we ask that students enter the school through their bubble gate (please see the attached map), K-4 line up on the basketball court behind their labelled class cone and students in year 5-6 line up on the black top under the shade cover behind their labelled class cone. Students in our small group programs can move directly to their classroom spaces. The Dugong and Pelican preschool groups will start on Wednesday 2 February and should wait outside the black fence/gate until staff open the gate at 12pm to allow the morning classes to leave first.