Maribyrnong values


Inclusion at Maribyrnong means we focus on the diversity and strengths of our community to foster a sense of belonging. Connection is so important to all of us. We aim to foster a community where everyone feels valued and included.



Past community members will note that our previous value of Excellence has been changed to Endeavour. This change honours the different gifts, talents, perspective and ideas we all bring to learning. Fostering the value of endeavour gives our community the opportunity to see us all reach our potential in a number of ways.



Responsibility is a value which can impact the self, the community and the wider world. Fostering a sense of responsibility for our environment is a focus on all our sustainability initiatives at Maribyrnong and something we should all be part of.



Bouncing back when things go wrong is tough. Even as adults we all strive to develop resilience and work around and through setbacks. At Maribyrnong we explicitly teach strategies for resilience through our "Bounce Back" program.

For week 1 and 2 of our school year we will be focusing on all five of our school values as we embed them throughout our classrooms and wider school community. One of the school values also sits at the foundation of each of our newly formed house groups for 2020.



Respect for each other and ourselves should be central to our social and emotional learning program. It is in respect for each other that we foster kindness. And in a world where you can be anything, we think you should be kind.