The Arts

Dance, drama, music and visual art are integral to the Arts program at Maribyrnong. They are a powerful mode of communication through which students explore and construct a sense of self and develop an understanding of the world around them. Our schools program of inquiry provides a relevant and authentic context for students to create and respond to the arts. Wherever possible, arts are taught through the units of inquiry and should support students' inquiries.

Creating dance involves inquiring into the rhythm of music, the natural rhythm of our bodies and the environment around us. At Maribyrnong, students have opportunities to discover their own motivations and influences to inspire their movements.

Teaching and learning experiences for drama explore how we express ourselves physically and vocally. In creating, students explore the use of facial expression, gestures, movement, posture and vocal techniques to convey emotional and cultural meaning to both characters and stories.

Music is both an active and reflective process when making and listening to it. We teach students to draw on a range of sources in their music learning: music composed by musicians; literature; painting; dance, their own imagination; real life experiences; feelings; values and beliefs. Students also have the opportunity to participate in assembly performances once a term as well as the whole school end of year concert. Through many numerous guest speaker appearances and visiting art galleries, museums, exhibitions and theatres, students will appreciate the depth and breadth of the field by experiencing visual arts created by diverse artists – locally and globally, now and in the past, by women and men and by people from different backgrounds.

Music specialist teacher

Rowena King