We now have a new online payment option for parents and carers. The payment service is through Westpac and is called Quickweb. 

This facility is available via our school website and allows you to make payments directly to the school's bank account. Payments can be made using a credit or debit card for any school event or item including excursions, book packs and voluntary contributions.  

This option is only available for school payments and does not include P&C funds, uniforms or canteen payments.

The information you complete on the form will enable us to accurately identify the funds and the purpose of the payment. We will be introducing three new terms to assist in this process.

Family key: this is your unique family identifier as set by ETD when you enrol your child in a Government school. Generally this is the first five letters of your surname and the first letter of your first name.

Student key: generally this is the first five letters of the students surname and first letter of his/her first name.

Fee Codes: a unique identifier of the event you are depositing funds for. This will be found on the payment section (bottom portion) of the note sent home with your child.

The Quickweb payment facility will assist us to accurately identify the sender and the correct receipting ledger used by the school. Receipts for payments can be issued via Westpac Quickweb. If you require a gift deductible receipt for a donation or voluntary contribution to the Library Trust Fund then you will need to contact the school directly.

For more information or to request your Family or Student key, please contact Leanne Rankine or Ros Riddle in the front office.

Transfer to Westpac's Quickweb payment system:

You are now leaving the School website and being transferred to Westpac's Quickweb payment system to make a payment. Information you provide to Westpac will be used for the purposes of making a payment. All information other than card details will be provided back to the School in order to reconcile the payment against your account. All information you provide in this system will be subject to Westpac's privacy policy which you will find a link to on the Quickweb page. Click this link Westpac's Quickweb payment system