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The Possum Pantry canteen is open Wednesday to Friday for lunch orders, B1 counter sales and B2 orders. Orders can be made through the paper bag system or through the online ordering system called Flexischools.

Paper Bag

  • Lunch orders are to be clearly written on a large paper lunch bag (big enough to pack you child’s food in) or on an envelope (Canteen staff will attach this to a large bag). Please notes canteen bags cost 10¢ if you use an envelope for the lunch order.  The large bags can be purchased at the canteen if you wish.
  • You must clearly list your CHILD’S NAME and CLASS on the front of the bag e.g. John Brown KSB or 1/2MM.   Write your order underneath the name details with the cost of the item. Tally the order and write the total at the bottom.
  • Enclose the money inside the bag or envelope to pay for the order. If change is required it will be stuck to the front of the lunch bag.
  • Lunch Orders can be placed into the lunch baskets in each unit on entry to the classroom at the beginning of the day, before or during roll call, or you can lodge them directly at the canteen by 9.15am.  If orders are received after this time substitute items may need to be offered to the child.
  • Lunches are delivered to your child’s unit at the beginning of B1 and handed out to the children under the teacher’s supervision.


  • The Canteen and Uniform Shop uses Flexischools online ordering.
  • The Flexischools system allows you to place orders online at any time. The payment is also done online. Registering is easy and only takes a few minutes. Simply go to www.flexischools.com.au and click ‘Register Now.’ If you have any questions, Flexischools provide a great help desk on 1300 361 769.
  • The system operates via a prepaid account. There are a variety of payment options including Visa, Mastercard (credit and debit), PayPal and Bank Transfer.  It is free to top up your account via Bank Transfer.
  • We have one menu available on Flexischools for both B1 and B2.  Lunch orders will be prepared for B1. When you place an order the lunch items will be placed in a bag and delivered to the classroom.  Any items not suitable for packing in a bag will be kept at the canteen to be picked up during B1.
  • In term one 2016 we will be trialling a new ordering system for B2. Items ordered for B2 will be placed in a bag and delivered to the classroom, there will be no counter sales at B2. Lunch order items are not available for B2.
  • Our menu includes a counter sales item; this allows you to purchase a voucher, which will be attached to the lunch bag.  The voucher can be brought up to the canteen at B1 to be used to purchase items.
  • If an order has been placed but your child will be away please give the canteen a quick call on 62415974 before 9.30am to let us know.  We can keep the order for when your child returns; just let us know when you are ready to use the order.  This will avoid charges for cancelling orders on Flexischools.

Class Organisation

 At the end of the year educators collaboratively develop class lists. Factors taken into consideration are the social development of the child, social groupings, gender balance, academic achievement balance, special needs recommendations and student ability to work independently. Family requests for student groupings will be taken into consideration.

Contact Details

Contact numbers and addresses need to be kept up to date with the front office. Children can be distressed unnecessarily when sickness or illness occurs and the contact number is out of date.